Typical Aussie Family of 3

Discovering themselves and this beautiful country one day at a time.

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Now you’re probably wondering what brought you here, right?

More than likely its some of the same reasons/questions we had:

“How to make money online?”

“How to work from home?”

“How to have more time with my family?”

“How to have more time with my family and still have an income?”

“How to travel Australia with no end date?”

“How to create a side business?”

If you’ve thought any of these things before then we need to talk. 

We’ve found an answer to all of these questions and would love to share them with you.

But first here’s a bit about us so you can get a feel for the kind of people we are and what drives us to keep going every day. 

“All change is hard at first, messy in the middle and gorgeous at the end.”

-Robin Sharma, The 5am Club

Our Story

They met in their early-mid 20s at a BnS Ball (recommend looking that up if you don’t know what it is). The odds were against them from the very beginning.

Sam being a “city girl” from Maitland, NSW and Brandon being a “country kid” from Grenfell, NSW. This put the two love birds 6 hours apart.

For as long as they’ve been together, they’ve done the long-distance thing (Brandon was very lucky to have made the very eventful arrival of Jaxon into the world due to working away and has missed many milestones because of the same reason) making the most of their times together through hitting the road and seeing as many wonderful sights as their eyes can see.

They were married July 2019 in Uluru and instantly they knew that one day they would make their way around Australia seeing as much as possible and showing Jaxon that there is more to life, and it is what you make it.

If this way of life or even a change of life sounds like something you need/want, then click the contact us button and let’s have a chat.

“With your awareness awakened, anything is possible.”
-Dr Nicole LePera The Holistic Psycologist, How to do the work

About Us

“I’m proud of the woman I am today because I’ve gone through one hell of a time to become her!”
-Samantha Doig

Samantha Doig

I was born and raised in Maitland, NSW before moving to Queensland in 2019 where I have created the most wonderful life with my husband and Son. 

Brandon Doig

I come from a fitter background but jumped into the online world in April 2021 after a old school friend passed away. 

Countryside we love to visit!

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